Truax FLEXII Series Grass Drill

grass-drill-fTruax drills are designed with many features for planting grasses and legumes on a variety of site conditions.

Double disc furrow openers and depth bands optimize seed placement and seed to soil contact.

  • Multiple seed boxes give you the flexibility to seed native fluffy seeds, cool season species, small grains, legumes, and wildflowers.
  • Planting can be accomplished as no-till and interseeding in most conditions, from hard pastures and roadsides to crop residue and cover crops, as well as on a prepared seedbed.


The Straight Shot…
Trouble Free Seed Flow

The Truax straight line drop design keeps the seeds moving from the seed boxes to the drill openers.

  • Consistent delivery of seed to the openers.
  • Eliminates plugged seed boots.


Truax drills offer maximum control of seeding rate.

  • Independent adjustment for fine tuning each seed box output.
  • Simple derailleur speed changer sets output of fluffy seed.
  • Slide lever sets openings for fluted feed cups of small seed box and cool season/grain box.
  • Optional output reduction kit for low seeding rates from all boxes.
Derailleur style speed changer controls output from the fluffy seed box


Ground Zero… Where the seed meets the soil

  • Uniform planting depth gives you the most consistent seedling emergence, getting your crop off to a good start under most site conditions.
  • Seed from all boxes is delivered between the double disc openers. The rolling disc opener carries the seed into the soil for proper placement and optimal seed-to-soil contact.
  • A guard in front of the disc openers reduces plugging problems.
  • Truax EZ-Off Depth Bands on every disc control planting depth. Four sizes are available to accommodate planting depths of different crops.
123 Scrapers on the disc openers and the depth bands prevent moist soil from building up, compromising planting depth and seed placement.Scrapers are located:

  1. On the outside surface of the discs.
  2. Inside between the double discs.
  3. On the face of the depth band.


Plus… Great seed-to-soil contact

ground-zero-60 Independent movement of Truax press wheels firms soil around the seed without affecting operating depth of the planting units. Press wheel frame provides clearance to pass residue through without bunching or plugging.


No-Till and Interseeding… Into Sod or Other Residue Cover

Drilling into residue cover or interseeding into sod presents no problem for a Truax Drill equipped with our specially designed no-till attachment.

Truax No-Tills:

  • Prevent hair pinning and crimping residue.
  • Create a micro-seedbed for smooth operation of disc openers.
  • Styles available
    • 13-1/2 inch concave, notched blade for interseeding or no-till in light residue cover.
    • 18 inch concave, notched blade is designed for loose or heavy residue.
    • Caster Style Wavy Blade. This 24 wave 18.5 inch blade is an option for light residue conditions.

Truax FLEXII Series Grass Drills With Rear Wheel Drive


Bold Solutions For Different Planting Problems

Rear drive drills offer an option for seeding ditch bottoms, next to guard rails, between the rows in orchards or vineyards, or other restricted areas.

rwd-f The rear wheel configuration provides extra ground clearance when the drill is in the transport position.The same high ground clearance on end wheel drive drills can be achieved with optional rear transport wheels.