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The devastating fires that swept across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado have swallowed millions of acres. Families have lost cattle, their land has been scorched, buildings have turned to ash and worst of all, people have lost their lives to the flames. Putting the pieces back together after losing everything isn’t simple. Despite all the loss, communities from across the nation have risen to the occasion to help.

Although many families will be thinking of immediate needs such as hay, food, shelter for the remaining animals and medical care. It’s also important to look at the land and make an immediate plan to revegetate it.  Otherwise, the land will be susceptible to wind or water erosion and noxious weed invasion.

In the areas where the fires hit, typically the soils are loamy or sandy. We have two mixes that will work well in these soils. They are a Hardland Fire Mix and Sandyland Fire Mix. Please give us a call for a seeding rate and a free consultation. Our hearts and minds are with you.

If you feel called to give please contact your state’s Livestock Association or Cattleman’s Foundation or contact your local extension office.  

Hardland Fire Mix Sandyland Fire Mix
Western Wheat

Side Oats

Blue Grama

Buffalo Grass

Big Bluestem



Sand Bluestem



Little Bluestem

Prairie Sandreed

Sandlove Grass

Western Wheatgrass

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