Guide to Grasses

guidetograssesnewThis “GUIDE TO GRASSES” was assembled to give you an appreciation of some of the most valuable plants for the central Great Plains and Rocky Mountain region. The focus is on successful grasses for seeding in Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas and is applicable to other states outside this region.

We have described 83 different grass and 8 legume species to help our customers make a better selection of plants for their use. This guide may not be the only source of information for selecting and the care of grasses and legumes. However, we hope it is a quick reference to help you in your selection of plant species. It is advisable to contact the plant experts at Pawnee Buttes Seed Inc. and consult with your local Natural Resources Conservation Service office for additional information.

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Altai Wildrye
Basin Wildrye
Beardless/Creeping Wildrye
Blue Wildrye
Canada Wildrye
Mammoth Wildrye
Russian Wildrye
Virgina Wildrye

Alsike Clover
Red Clover
White Clover
Cicer Milkvetch
Yellow Sweetclover
Birdsfoot Trefoil