Fires rage across KS, OK, TX, & CO

Although many families will be thinking of immediate needs such as hay, food, shelter for the remaining animals and medical care. It’s also important to look at the land and make an immediate plan to revegetate it.

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2017 Seed Industry Market Report

In general, grass prices will be lower. This past year, seed demand for the Conservation Reserve Program, U.S. Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management has been less. Since there is lower demand and a good supply of most grass, seed prices will remain stable to lower.

Cross section of the earth with roots and layers of dirt on a summer day

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2016 Seed Industry Market Report

Seed market conditions will remain favorable for consumers throughout 2016, bolstered by competitive pricing and generally abundant supplies. Low commodity prices continue to incentivize investment in pasture grasses and alfalfa as alternative crops.

Photo credit: Alvaro Serey

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The Dirt on Colorado Soil Health and Cover Crops

If we think of the Great Plains as our nation’s natural, lush carpet, then soils are the thread that weaves this patchwork masterpiece together. Soils provide the foundation for fuel, food and fiber.

A sterile sorghum can serve as a beneficial cover crop to prepare dryland sites for grasses.

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Sod Quality: When Cheap Comes at a Cost

When you buy a top quality product, you should expect top quality results. With sod, the expression “you get what you pay for” rings true, season after season.

The amount of seed used for a sod-quality test can be up to 2.5 times greater than that used for a standard test.

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Healing the Land in Grover, Colorado

Maintaining healthy, sustainable grasslands requires dedication and patience, especially in semi-arid climates like the plains of eastern Colorado. Brian Fabrizius, owner of Fabrizius Seeding, has discovered just that on his family ranch, where oil and gas activity operates alongside the cattle business.

Brian Fabrizius

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Going Native in Longmont

Nearly 100 plots on the Boulder County Fairgrounds provide a glimpse of Colorado’s native plant life, as well as common cover crops and pollinator species. In November 2014, cool and warm season grass seeds from Pawnee Buttes Seed were broadcast and lightly raked into the soil. Almost a year later, the garden already provides a free and open space for the public to enjoy Colorado’s flora.


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Recovery in Jamestown

While much of Colorado was impacted by the September 2013 floods, the small mountain community of Jamestown was particularly hard hit by water and debris. Jamestown volunteer coordinator Nina Andaloro and Pawnee Buttes Seed salesman Glenn Ledall discuss the process of recovery and revegetation post natural disaster.

Nina Andaloro and Glenn Ledall discuss recovery of green spaces in a mountain community impacted by flood.

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Grass Tour 2015: Planning, patience and collaboration promote healthy grasslands

As energy production continues to boom on the Colorado plains, sustainability and long-term land planning are fueling discussion between ranchers and project managers. The 2015 Stewards of the Land Grass Tour took more than 60 attendees out to the Great Plains to explore the relationship between agriculture and energy development first hand.

More than 60 attendees working in agriculture, energy production, government and land management joined Pawnee Buttes Seed for the 2015 grass tour.

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