Biosol® Organic Fertilizer


A 100% organic, long lasting fertilizer with soil improving benefits, Biosol has a balanced nutrition ratio and supplies the plant with micro and macronutrients throughout the entire growing period. The high percentage of organic material in Biosol improves the humus content of the soil in addition to providing quality nutrients for plants. Building organic matter and humus allows soil to become active, making nutrients readily available for absorption. Without quality nutrients like nitrogen, all fertilizers are the same. Soil is enriched, root structure is strengthened and the vitality of your turf is increased, while strengthening the plants resistance against disease. Biosol lacks salt and is therefore suitable for greenhouse plants and arid/low precipitation areas. The risk of nitrate leaching is very low because of the organic fixation of nitrogen, providing the ultimate use of nutrients. Biosol is a safe and ecological fertilizer because of the selected raw materials and vitamins.

Promoting healthy soil and plants:

In addition to being 100% natural and environmentally balanced, Biosol promotes good health for both plants and soil. In fact, Biosol was developed in the same way as slow release vitamins. Biosol’s slow release formula will not burn seed or existing vegetation and it does not require watering immediately after application. Nutrients are released continuously throughout the growing cycle, reducing maintenance costs associated with lesser quality fertilizers, which require numerous applications. Because of its low pH, nutrients are more readily available for plant uptake, rather than being bound in the soil. One of the key factors of Biosol is its ability to promote a healthy balance of microbes, insuring the long-term green color and health of your turf and plants while controlling thatch. This unique blend of nutrients enables Biosol to stimulate root development, enabling plants of all kinds to fully absorb essential nutrients for longevity and maximum health. Biosol enriches the soil, enhances the volume of positive microbial biomass, and promotes the formation of humus, all of which results in a healthier, stronger, greener turf, trees, shrubs and plants. Biosol has a harmless, typical fungal smell that disappears a few days after application.

Usable Applications:

Biosol is a proven product for enhancing all types of terrain. Superior results have been achieved in several golf courses around the world, sports fields, and recreational facilities, commercial and residential lawns, gardens, flowers, trees, wood and forest cultivation, revegetation of ski runs and slopes, and many different forms of agricultural farming (viticulture, silviculture, etc.). Biosol is frequently used for both primary and secondary fertilization and for stimulating soil microorganisms. Biosol can be dry broadcast or applied with a hydroseeder. Used under favorable conditions, only one annual application of Biosol is needed for maximum results. Biosol is produced in a greens grade so that it may be used from “Tee to Green” on your golf course.